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Continuous Air Quality Monitoring System
Be it major industrial sectors or local authorities, monitoring the quality of air is essential for each one of us for preventing air pollution and preserving health. Our offered Systems for monitoring air quality for continuous period of time enable several measurements for helping people understand the value of better and quality air. The mentioned array also helps in protecting our planet from harmful greenhouse effect.
Continuous Emission Monitoring System
Our rendered array of Monitoring Systems For Continuous Emission includes the systems that are essential for determining flue gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oxygen or rate of emission or any concentration of matter. The determination is done with the help of pollutant analyzer, conversion equation, computer program or the graph.

Ambient Dust Monitoring System
Ambient Dust Monitoring Systems are highly demanded for a number of practical industrial applications including mines, bulk handling terminals, quarries, facilities for the treatment of waste, construction and many more. These have been appreciated by researchers and consultants those are involved in air quality studies. Our offered array is an ideal choice to be used as an alternate to most expensive conventional monitoring equipment.
Stack Dust Monitoring System
Our rendered Systems used for monitoring Stack Dust offers excellent stability and durability. Because of the higher laser intensity of the mentioned range, the laser is for easy penetration of the dust having higher densities. The systems operates with the wavelengths that are pre defined for making theoretical calculations more predictable in comparison to the conventional sources.
Flue Gas Analyzers
Flue Gas Analyzer helps in monitoring the flue gas composition of heating unit incorporated in a boiler and also for determining the proper ratio of fuel and air mixture to achieve maximum output of heat. It can be easily transported from one place to the other so that carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oxygen can be easily measured. Our offered range of analyzer includes a conditioning system, an analyzer unit and a sampling.
Thermal Imaging Cameras
Simpler and easier than any smart phone, only our provided range of Thermal Imaging Cameras are designed to deliver excellent performance and high resolution. This array is an unprecedented choice for the beginners and professional thermographers as well, to be used for various applications such as structural defects, HVAC issues, energy waste, plumbing clogs and many more. The mentioned systems are perfect for rendering instant and no-contact diagnosis.
Professional Multimeters
Professional multimeter helps in conducting all the standard electrical tests that involves bench and on-car troubleshooting. This may include dwell, ohms, diode, tach, volts and many more. Our offered range is available with test lead holders and a fold out stand at the rear to have convenience in the lead storage.
Industrial Multimeters
Designed for electricians for maintaining services and troubleshooting upgraded and highly advance electrical systems, our offered Industrial Multimeter are highly demanded in the electrical industry. The range is available with a number of features including dual thermocouples so that differential temperature measurements can be taken, filter for measuring varying frequency drives, low impedance function for detecting stray voltage and many more.
Water Quality Meters
Our rendered Water Quality Meters offer laboratory accuracy and operations with easy push buttons to measure the quality of water in the field. The display case has been designed with water resistant material so that the operator can work without concerning about the splashing of water onto it. These are made depending on various parameters including salinity, ammonium, barometric pressure, temperature, specific conductance, dissolved oxygen and many more.
Light Meters
Light control is one of the essential skill a photographer may possess. We offer one of the immense selections Light Meters helps digital film makers and photographers to measure and control the amount of light to have perfect light exposure and also for a number of building audits and industrial usages. The range is sturdily built for minimizing light wastage that are highly demanded to be used in homes, offices, etc.
Power Supply
Power Supply helps in minimizing the electricity coming from mains for be used for domestic and commercial purposes. The mentioned range is ruggedly built to supply electric energy to an electrical load. Based on their functional features, these are categorized accordingly. These are highly efficient to convert for the conversion of power.
Thickness Tester
Thickness Meter is an essential tool for assuring the quality of material during a number of processes including galvanizing or anodizing and various others. It is used for measuring thickness of body paint and its uniformity on the cars, in the identification of hidden damages, exposing undisclosed dents and revealing repainted spots. Moreover, many of them are helpful in measuring the wall thickness and determining hardness of a number of material including glass, plastic and metal.
Sound Level Meter
Sound Level Meter is an instrument that is held by a hand with the help of a microphone. The response is generated by the diaphragm corresponding to the changes occurring in the air pressure because of sound waves. These are highly demanded for studying noise pollution, quantifying various sounds and noise generating from aircraft, industries and surroundings.
Tachometer Instrument
Tachometer Instrument is used to measure the rotational speed of disk or shaft of a motor. Earlier, the mentioned devices displayed the revolutions per minute using an analog dial but with up-to-the-minute technology, we are offering our clients the mentioned instruments with digital displays. Moreover, it is also used in aircraft, trucks, automobiles, tractors and many more.
Environmental Meter
Environmental monitoring includes all the methods and activities that helps in characterizing and monitoring environment quality. Our offered Environmental Meter is used for indoors and outdoors to measure humidity, velocity and pressure of air, temperature, etc. This range is highly demanded by the traders and manufacturers for various warehouses and industrial processes for determining the level of humidity and climate that helps them with appropriate storage of goods.
Borescope Inspection Camera
Borescope Inspection Cameras are ideal for home inspection, HVAC, automotive, industrial, government and aerospace applications. The wireless color displays of these cameras are detachable and can be viewed from a distant location. These waterproof cameras come with flexible goose-necks, rechargeable display batteries and bright LED lights for lightening the dark areas.
Clamp Meter
Clamp meter is an tool that is sturdily made by combining a primary digital multimeter and a current sensor for measuring current. Our offered array is integrated with hinged jaws that helps  technicians with easy clamping of jaws around the cable or wire in an electrical system. Hard jaws including ferrite iron are also integrated beneath the plastic moldings for detecting and concentrating magnetic field generated by the flow of current.
Voltage Testers
Offered Voltage Testers are the utilitarian items of electronic test equipments, which are used to find out the absence or presence of an electric voltage commonly alternating current (AC) in a part of equipment. These devices check for electrical current passing via a circuit. This is extremely helpful in DIY electrical work, such as installing light artifacts, wiring or troubleshooting household instruments.
Leak Detectors
In assorted market segments – from the automotive to refrigeration and air conditioning technology to the production of semiconductor parts & solar technology – offered Leak Detectors proffer the highest quality as well as augmented process safety. With these detectors, the operating costs can be reduced to minimum with certainty of zero leak.
IR Thermometer
The IR Thermometers (infrared thermometers) are the devices, which deduce temperature from a part of the thermal radiation sometimes named as black-body radiation that is discharged by the physical object being measured. They are sometimes known as laser thermometers as a laser is utilized to assist in aiming the thermometer, or temperature guns or non-contact thermometers to expound the device's power to measure temperature from a particular distance.
Continuous Water Quality Monitoring System
Continuous Water Quality Monitoring System enables the monitoring of multiple water quality factors with a amply integrated, simple to use, economical system. It comes with monitor temperature, rugged sensors, user-friendly windows, USB, serial communication ports, lockable, weather resistant enclosures etc. It offers exceptional comfort of utilization in start-up, procedure, and maintenance and comes with unsurpassed accuracy.
Mini Multimeters
Provided Mini Multimeters are integrated with test leads in inbuilt storage compartments and display bar-graph. These are available with auto-ranging with range hold as well as data hold. Used by service technicians and electrical contractors across a wide ambit of trades including HVAC, IT, appliance repair, predictive maintenance and handiwork, these offer an audible continuity meter reading.
Measuring Instrument
We offer Measuring Instruments, which are the particular devices used for the measurement of a physical quantity in quality assurance, physical sciences, engineering, and chemical spectra. These ensure exact measurement and quality work in all engineering applications. Offered optimal quality calculative instruments offer accurate readings in all types of surrounding.
Thermo Anemometer
Offered Thermo Anemometers are the versatile dual function units, which are capable to measure volumetric flow or air velocity. These are also capable to indicate temperature in metric & imperial units. Offered products can be incorporated with comfortable hand grip and etched insertion extent marks.
The instruments are portable and can be wireless or wired.

Indoor Air Quality Meter
We deal in Indoor Air Quality Meters for healthy as well as efficient surroundings of indoors. People spend a majority of time in indoors and as a consequence, individual’s long-run health & comfort are mostly dependent upon indoor air quality. Offered instruments assist the operator to check if the air surrounded is pure and fresh or not.
Moisture Meter
Provided Moisture Meters are specifically utilized to measure the water percentage in a conferred substance. This info can be utilized to determine if the material is ready for utilization, unexpectedly dry or wet. These measure the moisture content in wood, tile & soil and are extensively utilized by woodworking professionals as well as in water damage & disaster restoration.
Vibration Meters
We assist you to improve plant as well as industrial vibration analysis with choices of Vibration Meters, which can fit into your testing and monitoring requirements. When vibration goes beyond the average levels, it may be a sign of alinement issues or a trouble-source. In such possibilities, these testers stand as the fast and actionable solutions. Used in manufacturing, inspection, laboratory and production, these come with accurate indications.
Cable Testers
Cable Testers are exclusive electronic devices employed to verify or confirm the electrical connections in a signal cable or some other wired construction. Capable to verify the existence of a conductive course between endings of the cable, these advanced testers can efficiently measure the signal transmission properties such as resistance, noise, signal attenuation and interference.
Insulation Tester
Insulation Testers administer the ungrounded instrumentality between earth and an active phase conductor. These are organized to yield an alert or unplug the power supply when the electrical resistance between the two devices falls below a set value. These are designed to assist in preventing hazards such as short-circuits and electric shock, grounded due to insulation in electrical devices used in buildings and industrial plants.
Voltage Calibrators
Offered Voltage Calibrators are extremely stable, accurate mains and battery powered calibrators. These are perfect for applications demanding a precision voltage source of internal resistance. Provided in compact as well as robust designs, these are portable and well suitable for field, laboratory and industrial utilization. These are provisioned with carry case so as to house the instrument for storage and transport.
Power Analyzers
We deal in Power Analyzers, which are used to measure electrical power properties of devices, which yield, change, or consume electricity. Also named as watt-meters, these devices analyze parameters such as efficiency and acoustics in inverters, true power (watts), power factor, home gadgets, office equipment, power supplies, motor drives, etc. These analyzers enable engineers to decrease energy loss due to transient or distorted waveforms in power electronics.
Humidity Meters
Offered Humidity Meters employ assorted technologies for the measurement the content of water vapor present in the gas. Since environmental states have such a substantive impact on humidity, most of these incorporate other measurements. These are small and inexpensive and display accurate results in all possible premises, with an excellent response timing.

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